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Lianhuashan Rock Tools Co Ltd (Hereafter referred as LHS) was established in 1969, which is the oldest and most professional production factory of rock drilling tools. LHS is an important enterprise in Chinese national machinery industry and a national appointed production factory of rock drilling tools. LHS, occupying 140000 square meters, has 7 main workshops, 500 employees and more than 200 sets of devices for heat treatment, machining, inspection, measurement and test.

Products List
 Integral Drill Steels and tapered drilling EquipmentIntegral Drill Steels and tapered drilling EquipmentBench and production drillingBench and production drillingDrifting and Tunnelling drilling(R32)Drifting and Tunnelling drilling(R32)Shank adaptorShank adaptorRock drills and spare parts Rock drills and spare parts Down the hole rock driling toolsDown the hole rock driling tools

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